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Welcome to the home of World on Fire
A place where independence and individuality means everything.
Salute! Now blaze one so we can get right into it.
I wrote this album for something greater than family and friends, this album is for people coming into their own, finding themselves, and finding independence. I know at some point in our lives we need help but we don't have to rely on it. The greatest feeling in the world is looking in the mirror and realizing your accomplishments and success come from your own hard work and dedication, not someone else's. And that's what my music is about especially this album.

World on Fire is my first solo album and it's for people, like you, who are embracing their own path and refusing to conform to this world's cookie-cutter lifestyle. I'm not saying you're reckless, okay maybe I am, but you're like me - you don't like things because it's "in!" You like things because...that's what the hell you like. You're a true bad asz rebel.

You don't dress like people want you to dress. You don't wear the latest fads. Matter of fact, you design your own damn clothes. You don't drive a car because Young Jeezy said it in a song either. You say what you feel and you stick to it, even if it's hurtful. Um well maybe that's just me because I hate lying to people. Anyways. Sounds like you? Then this album is a perfect-fit for you.

"if people don't accept you for who you are, then we'll just set this bitch on fire"
World On Fire

Download Infinite Starr World On Fire Album FreeWorld On Fire
by Infinite Starr
Tracks : 12
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1. The Intrusion (Intro)
2. World on Fire
3. So Fabulous
4. Feeling Like a Starr
5. Animal
6. Days Like This
7. Shut the City Down (feat. Hollywood Luck)
8. Just Friends
9. Sholl Iz
10. '64 [Stripper Anthem] (feat. Zapp Sola)
11. Anotha on the Side
12. Lonely Road


by Infinite Starr Le Flair

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12-Song Debut Album (MP3)

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  1. 1 The Intrusion (Intro) 00:18
  2. 2 World on Fire 04:04
  3. 3 So Fabulous 03:31
  4. 4 Feeling Like a Starr 03:10
  5. 5 Animal 03:10
  6. 6 Days Like This 04:12
  7. 7 Shut the City Down feat. Luck (First Up Fam) 03:17
  8. 8 Just Friends 04:00
  9. 9 Sholl Iz 02:58
  10. 10 '64 (Stripper Anthem) feat. Zapp Sola 03:32
  11. 11 Anotha on the Side 03:00
  12. 12 Lonely Road 03:23
On this CD you find 12 songs, unless you have the Deluxe Edition (DE) which has 18 songs. If you read the testimonials, you notice the hit songs are So Fabulous, Just Friends, Feeling Like a Starr, '64, and Anotha on the Side. Plus you get stories like Days Like This, Voyage to Mississippi (DE) and By Myself Pt II (DE).

My musical influence growing up was New Orleans Rap Music so if you noticed the singy harmonized rap-flow and the horns, it's because of my musical background. If I can envision the Jackson State Tiger's Sonic Boom and J-Settes in the music video, it's going on the album whether I think people will like it or not. Lol

Enough of me babbling, check out the hit songs from the testimonials below and my favorites - Days Like This and By Myself II. To get the full effect, I encourage you to listen to the Deluxe Edition here.

So now you're wondering how you can get this album off the damn computer onto a CD?

You have two ways to get the album World on Fire by either supporting on iTunes or signing up for my mailing list. And if you're like me and you prefer to support artists, you can buy the World on Fire album from itunes today. But the Deluxe Edition you can save by purchasing directly from me. You can save a little money and get the MP3 album of World on Fire Deluxe Edition for just $11.99 $9.99 or get the exclusive physical cd with the booklet containing cool & rare pictures of me posing naked for $19.99 $17.99.

Just kidding, the pictures are kick-ass though.

I can guarantee, whether you get the Standard Album or the Deluxe Edition, CD or mp3 Album, this is an album you will enjoy and listen to daily.

Order Now! Just support. It's very good music, and if you love music that stands for something, support the Deluxe Edition and help me continue to be able to make music.

Everything's safe. It's fast and easy to order.
Just order.

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