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Female Rapper
Free Download The Pre Nup EP
Female Rapper
Infinite Starr Le Flair - Show My A$$ (on Soundcloud)
Available on iTunes - Infinite Starr Le Flair - So Fabulous (Single)
Female Rapper
World On Fire
Infinite Starr Le Flair - The Fanego (Mixtape) - Coming Soon
Infinite Starr Le Flair - 25 Lighters on the Dresser (Single) - on Soundcloud
Infinite Starr Le Flair - Seven Days a Week - (Single) Coming Soon

Welcome to Female Rapper - infinite Starr Le Flair - Official Website

• Official Website for 3x's Awarded 6x's Nominated Best Female Rapper & Artist Infinite Starr •

Female RapperSo Fabulous available RIGHT NOW on iTunes. Download "The Pre Nup EP" Today.
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Female Tupac
Female Tupac
infinite Starr Le Flair is more than just your typical female from Mississippi with half of her head tattooed. She's 3Xs awarded and 6Xs nominated Best Female Rapper, and former basketball player of the JSU Tigers and the Kentucky Wildcats.

Nominated for Best Hip-Hop Song "Days Like This" by the Indie-Music Awards, awarded Best Female Rap Artist at the JMAs two consecutive years in a row, and nominated for Best Female Mixtape by the SEAs, Infinite Starr "refuses to be denied an entry into the mainstream because of the myth that only one female rapper can be commercially successful at a time" so there's a reason she's been labeled as one of the hardest working artists in Mississippi.

infinite Starr Le Flair (aka Monroe Kush) has an unheard vocal delivery meshed with a hypnotizing melodic delivery that satisfies the appetite of southern rap connoisseurs and soul diehards alike, often labeled as 'the female Tupac'. Unlike most female rappers, Infinite Starr self-writes all her music and reframes from sounding similar to other artist. With 20,000+ CDs sold independently under her belt, Infinite Starr is back with her new EP, The Pre-Nup, brought to you by CHECK HER OUT!

  Female 2pac            Nov 26th, 2014 - Infinite Starr Le Flair Drops "25 Lighters on the Dresser" Official Music Video
                                             Nov 11th, 2015 - Infinite Starr Le Flair Releases DJ Service Pack for "My Other H*e" (Prod. by Zaytoven)        
Female Rapper
Female Rapper
Female Rapper
Female Rapper
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