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Infinite Starr is more than just your typical female from Mississippi with half of her head tattooed. She's 3Xs awarded and 6Xs nominated Best Female Rapper.

Imagine Eminem's candor, Tupac's passion, and Kanye West's fearlessness on a song, the results - Infinite Starr Le Flair.

Infinite Starr Le Flair (aka Monroe Kush)
is an American rap musician and singer-songwriter. Born in Gulfport, Mississippi and traveling around the world during her childhood from Baumholder, Germany to Boston, Massachusetts, Starr performed in numerous talent shows and court yards to hone her skills but became a standout basketball player after returning to Gulfport High School inking an athletic scholarship to the University of Kentucky, transferring after two years to Jackson State University.

Back rapping, Infinite Starr hustled her way to the top of the underground scene selling over 20,000 CDs independently in the Southeast. Awarded Best Female Rap Artist two years in a row by the Jackson Music Awards, nominated for Best Female Mixtape by the Southern Ent. Awards, and nominated for an Indie Music Top 25 Award by the Indie-Music Awards, Infinite Starr grinded day in and day out to get her music in the hands of new fans. Homeless, sleeping in a van, and showering at truck stops, Infinite decided that she had nowhere to go but up, so she kept working. She was determined to become a prominent figure in mainstream music, and still is.

Loved for her passionate music and respected for her hard-work and diligence, you can only respect this female MC's blood, sweat, and tears. Even after burying her late mother, June 9th, 2013, you wonder how she keeps going. Some people think she's crazy when she says, "there's no plan B, music is plan A B C through Z!" But me? I'm impressed. Infinite Starr is a perfectionist and strives to be the best, and she says herself, "this time, I gotta do it for me and my mother, may she rest in the Heavens."

Infinite Starr Le Flair released her most successful mixtape to-date entitled True Face as a free download in June 2012. Reaching over 25,000 downloads she has teamed up with Country Boy Records and B Wash INC to release her upcoming singles and follow up mixtape, 7 Days a Week.


 • 3x's Awarded 6x's Nominated Best Female Rapper •
• Sold 20,000+ CDs out the trunk of her car
• “Days Like This” Nominated for Indie-Music Top 25 •
• Vocal Delivery: hypnotizing melodic delivery that satisfies the appetite of rap connoisseurs and soul diehards alike
• Self-writes all her music and reframes from sounding similar to other artist
• Indie Artist